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    Mature / Senior Couple J B
    United Kingdom
    21 December 2018
    Rated as 4 out of 5

    “Lovely weekend in York on 14th December ”

    Hi we have visited St Mary's for many years and always recommend it to our friends who have stayed on quite a few occasions. Great location just a short 10 minute stroll in to the centre of York. Caroline is still as lovely as ever. The only thing i would mention is the breakfast room was cold and none of the radiators were on. So it was quite cold eating breakfast and the showers could do with updating.otherwise another fantastic weekend, will be returning next year. Thanks again to Caroline and all the staff. See you soon xxxx

    Rated as 5 out of 5 Rated as 5 out of 5 Rated as 5 out of 5 Rated as 5 out of 5 Rated as 4 out of 5
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