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    Guestlink Reviews Silver Award
    Mature / Senior Couple Michelle Sheree
    Bolton, United Kingdom
    29 August 2017
    Rated as 4 out of 5

    “room service was dissapointing, none one day”

    1. Spa offered as part of hotel booking but once there we had to pay £1 for 8 min via a slot machine for the Jacuzzi which was placed on the wall away from the Jacuzzi. We were not sure if we put all three coins in that we would get the full 8 min per coin. no way of telling as no timer, no clock to watch. Just not good enough I'm afraid. i book spa hotels only as my father cant swim much now so he just uses the hydrotherapy of the Jacuzzi for circulation and the health benefits re movement, muscles, arthritis relief. The slot machine access meant every time my 85 year old father wanted to put another coin in he had to leave the Jacuzzi. Just nonsensical! its supposed to be a relaxing experience and for any health benefits you need 40 mins! at a cost of £5.00 extra - why not just add this onto the booking fee? Three people were included in this booking, my father, myself and my partner. Because i am a swimmer i missed out on the Jacuzzi as it was over by the time my swim was finished. Rubbish! Will not be taking my father there again. Disappointing.
    2. Room service was OK first day, Monday. Non existent the second day Tuesday, for both of our rooms. I found the service person in the store room on the third day to ensure we had service as we had no fresh towels, no milk, no tea, no decaf coffee, and no toilet roll. The lady checked her book and said that we had been ticked as done!!!!! She apologised and said she would come as soon as she had finished meaning once she had stocked up her trolley from the store. It was a while before she appeared and we were just leaving for breakfast. by this time we had already put our overflowing bins and used towels in the corridor to ensure she didn't miss us again. On return from breakfast we still had no milk in one room, no decaf coffee in any room, not enough towels. Bearing in mind that we were told we had to use the same towels for the swimming pool/spa the service of extra towels was rather essential really.
    I did feed back to reception about the poor service at the point of settling our restaurant/drinks bill at the end of our stay. It was explained that the hotel was disappointed with the service they were receiving from the company ( i think this was the name). Apparently this company had stopped their contract with Penrhos due to a takeover, and although the staff had been carried over to the new company their service level was not up to standard. However, all this considered, with acceptance of their apology, this does spoil the stay.
    3. The food was excellent in the restauraunt but the menu was restricted and a little inflexible, chef's were inflexible too according to bar staff/waitresses.
    4. The beer was excellent at the bar.
    5. The views and setting were idillic, peaceful. Not a golfer and didnt know it was a golfing resort. I noticed that Penrhos advertise three ways, hotel, cabins etc, spa etc, caravans etc. So in my opinion it would be more useful for to tell the whole picture so you can get a fuller picture of where you are booking, what you are booking. Penrhos is neither a hotel, hotel spa, caravan site, log cabin experience. |ts a cross between them all. There must be a better way of selling this venue, perhaps? Golf would put me off, but its manipulative to not sell the hotel as situated on a golfing resort for example. MMMMM!?!?
    4. its well situated to access New Quay South Wales and Aberystwyth.
    5. local pub/resaurants are minimal as are the shops but adequate.
    6. rooms are spacious and have a kitchenette fitted, which i didnt know before i booked - but once i saw the resort i understood why rooms have kitchenettes. golfer weekends etc?
    7. there was a lovely play area near caravans which i didnt use but i thought this was a great area for families.
    8. the female changing rooms had a no shoe policy but it was impossible to comply as the floor was very dirty. No attendant present. no regular cleaning was evident. The hair dryer was another slot machine so I just put up with wet hair at breakfast, and again in the evening until i could get back to the room to dry my hair for FREE! Mmmmm!
    9. Reception staff were welcoming and friendly.
    10. Because of the very mixed nature of the venue magnetic door controls were fitted to control access to the pool/spa. Not really what you expect in a HOTEL.
    11. Excellent disabled room facilities - would recommend to anyone who is wheelchair bound. However, the shower area does need an extra grab rail as not everyone who cant walk well needs to sit in the shower wheelchair to shower but would need to hold onto a grab rail if standing preferred.
    12. There are steps to the pool area - they are shallow in depth, wide so easily navigated to anyone who can walk a little - but there was no hand rail which want really acceptable. the steps contradict the exceptional disabled room facility. The hotel should ensure that three shallow steps is added to the description of the pool area spa facility. Also, a step up and two steps down are in the Jacuzzi but the hand rail is well placed and at the right height to help less able people enter the facility.

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